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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life at our House

Our family is in the process of dealing with change. Most of the time I resist change, but I am trying hard to embrace the changes ahead.
One change that I am having no trouble embracing at all is the change of the seasons and the warmer weather. Although it has been slow, I just can't get enough of the warm sunshine!!

Here is a peak at what life has been like at our house over the past couple of weeks...

Brady, at his 3rd track meet (with coach Daddy in the background).

Logan at his "Grand Day" celebration for Grandparents at school.

Brady, at the Farmington Art Show (his work was chosen to be on display!).

Marshall, practicing fine motor and color skills with cotton balls and a clothes pin.

Cup stacking

Practicing more fine motor skills using marbles.


Logan is also participating in track and field this year, although I have yet to get a good picture of him. Hopefully it will be warmer out this weekend, so I can take my hand out of my pocket to snap one :).


  1. Fun! I'm excited to come see the track meets this weekend! :)
    Brady's art project was SO good!!!! So proud of him for making it into the art show. :)

  2. Looks like they are enjoying the Spring despite the cold weather!