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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer's Here!

I am LOVING summer and the unlimited time it gives me to spend with my boys. I have waited 9 months for this, so I'm not going to give up a moment in the day to blog.

So far, we have played in the sprinklers, pools, and with water balloons. We have been to Valleyfair a few times with our season passes, we have been to many parks and had a number of picnics.

We have joined the library's summer reading program and attended 2 art classes and one magic show. Along with that, we have read 1 1/2 chapter books so far and several smaller books. We are also reading from our devotional book every day at lunch time.

We have been camping, playing with neighborhood friends, visiting with family, and spending lots of time outside.

On the rainy days, we've played all of our board games, pulled out the playdoh, learned how to play Solitaire with real cards, and built a campground out of blocks. Logan also made himself a kite the other day.

We have also started to celebrate our summer birthdays--Brady turned 9 last Friday and Logan will be 7 tomorrow!! Their party is coming up on Saturday and they are very excited.

The boys have only been out of school for 2 weeks, so I can only imagine what we'll find to do in the next 2 months.
We will definitely be visiting the Big Bugs exhibit at the MN Zoo, and next week we'll be going to VBS at church.

Here are the pictures.
Swimming in the backyard with friends.

Brady and Marshall ran through all 3 of our sprinklers while Logan was at a friend's house

Cooling off

Swimming at Stoney Creek Campground

Playing pool basketball at Stoney Creek.

Waiting for the train ride at Stoney Creek Campground.

"Watering" the fire pit

Hands full of water balloons (we filled up about 50 of them)

Brady turned 9 years old on June 13!