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Thursday, May 29, 2014

We still like picnics

Spring has finally arrived! Actually, today even feels a bit more like summer and the pools are already up and warming in the bright sunshine.

We have also started to picnic again--one of my favorite summer past times.
I don't plan on posting pics of every picnic we take this year, nor do I plan on counting them, as we have done in the past.
But, since it's just the start and has so far been mostly Marshall and I, I wanted to share some of our "first" picnic pictures with you.

Indoor picnic at Edinborough Park on May 13th

MN Zoo on May 18th

Picnic on the deck at our house on May 20th.

Front yard on May 22

On the deck on May 28

Picnic at Dakota Estates Park in Farmington today, May 29.


I know we also ate dinner outside on Friday, May 23, to kick off the holiday weekend.
I love eating outside with the warm sunshine and warm winds. I also love not having to sweep the kitchen floor or wipe down the table when we are done ;)

Here are a couple other fun pictures from the past few weeks.

Logan's last track meet (he's in red).

Chef Marshall making M&M cookies to share with friends.

Logan receiving his track award.

Boys at the MN Zoo

Logan, at his school's Animal Science Fair yesterday. His animal was a Cobra!

Playing at the park today.



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