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Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Random Thoughts

I don't have anything specific to blog about today, but I do have a lot of thoughts going through my mind lately. So, I thought I would share them.

Here we go.

- Today is potentially a big day at our house. For me, it was getting up super early to bring 3 kids to the dentist just so Brady could get his teeth cleaned, and then hauling them all into school after the morning bell rang. Tonight it will be bringing everyone to Brady's basketball practice. My part is easy, though, because this is just life for me.
Today Peter's day is filled with an important phone interview for a potentially great job nearby, a goodbye lunch for a former employee, and an even more important live interview for a job that he really wants. After that, and between that, he has to continue at his current job and then attend a meeting tonight. Yuck!

-I am SO sick of MN weather! Obviously this winter has been terribly cold and snowy, but it's not only that. Honestly, I don't really care for MN springs or falls either. The only season I love is summer and it's just way too short. I would ideally live in a place where the temperature stays between 50-90 degrees all year long--that sounds heavenly to me.

- I am 100% opposed to all-day kindergarten that will soon be offered for free in all MN school districts. I feel like kids are being pushed forward way too fast. They are expecting 5 year olds to learn what I learned as a 7 year old. Preschoolers are also being affected. When Brady and Logan went to preschool, it was mostly about socialization, with a little writing, drawing, story time, gym time, and snacks mixed in. I still taught them letters, letter sounds, and beginning math at home, but those skills weren't taught in school until kindergarten. Both of my older boys were reading books by the time kindergarten ended (before they were 6 years old), so I can't understand why we need to push them even harder than that.
In preschool this fall for Marshall, they are going to be teaching what used to be a part of kindergarten. He will learn letters, letter sounds, how to print, and early math (because of our "school" at home, he already knows much of this which is great). Because of this, there will be less focus on socialization and all of the other former preschool activities. I hate to even think what will happen to the kids who aren't sent to preschool.
In my opinion, if 5 year olds are going to sit through a full day of kindergarten, shouldn't there be plenty of extra time to teach all of the things that used to be taught in kindergarten plus more? Why the rush in preschool?

And since it's so stinkin' cold out, here's a picture of me
 enjoying some FL sunshine.
Clearwater Beach, FL October 2011