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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Need You

I am calling on all of my blog readers for help.
Akin Road Elementary School, the school where Brady and Logan go, is collecting Box Tops and Education labels to raise money for the school.
This is an on-going process throughout the school year.
Please mail us (or deliver in person, if you'd rather) anything you can find in your cupboards or anything you come across in the upcoming months.

Below are some examples of what you may come across in your search.
Just clip or tear off the portion of the label which contains the education piece and stick it in an envelope. Once you get a handful, mail them our way.
We would LOVE if you would be willing to donate to our school!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This past Friday was Crazy Hair Day at Brady and Logan's school.
Luckily the boys are in bad need of haircuts, so it was easy to crazy-up their hair.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Welcome to the new blog. I hope you got here with no problems.

Since I haven't blogged in so long, there are lots and lots of pictures that I could choose to share with you today. Instead, I think I will leave a few random thoughts about what we've been up to and maybe a picture or two at the end.

This blog is a place where I share my family and life with you (or at least the parts that I choose to share :).
So here's what I've got for today.....

Life is good. We are happy and healthy and very blessed.
Peter started running again, and he is hoping to run the Ragnar Relay again this August, like he did 3 years ago. This time he would be running with some men and women from our church.
Marshall is back on board with potty training, after a couple month break (things were quickly going south back then). This time is different, and we're not stopping until he's got it down!
Brady and Logan started back up at swimming lessons this past weekend. Logan is now in the Beginner 2 class and Brady is in the Intermediate 1 class. Both boys jumped off the diving board last week :).
All 5 of us are still a part of BSF. I thought Genesis was going to be a very dry study this year, but boy was I wrong. I have found so much encouragement this week through the story of Abraham.

I feel like our life is moving at a great pace. We are not too busy these days and I don't feel like we are involved in more activities than we can sanely handle.
We have church on Sunday, Brady and Daddy go to BSF on Monday night, Logan, Marshall, and Mommy go to BSF on Wednesday morning, and Brady and Logan have swimming lessons on Saturday morning---and that's it! We have lots of time for homework, reading, playing in the basement, and watching movies--it's nice.

Coming up....
Brady will start basketball again next month, but only for 1 hour on Saturday mornings before swimming lessons. Also, both Brady and Logan are interested in joining track and field this spring.

On a side note:
I currently watch 2 different shows on TV. One of them is having its season finale next week. I am looking to find another show that I might be interested in (preferably something I can watch on Netflix, so I can start from the beginning). Let me know if you think of anything that might interest me. Thanks.

Here are the promised pictures.