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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breaking The Rules

Yesterday as I woke up, I quickly realized how busy the day would become. Brady had a dentist appointment at 8:30, which meant that I had to bring all 3 boys along. It also meant that Brady and Logan would be late to school, so I brought along the school's phone number, to let them know.

We rushed through breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing teeth. I packed up lunches, grabbed backpacks, and stuffed 3 tired boys into the van and off we went. It was wet, hazy, and humid outside, much different than the day before, our wonderful Easter sunshine and warmth., but I knew the forecast was for a wonderful, warm and sunny day. And I didn't want my boys to miss out on it.

As we pulled into the dentist, Marshall still eating his cereal, I asked the boys if they wanted to just skip school for the day. And, once the cheering subsided, I called the school to let them know that the boys would not be there. I was actually allowing my children to miss a day of school only for the purpose of enjoying a beautiful spring day--and it felt GREAT to have the power to do it :).

The appointment was quick, and had we not been taking the day off school, we would have only been about 20 minutes late. I didn't care, though, because upon returning home, we discovered that Daddy was also taking the day off of work--just to enjoy the weather with us.

The boys started the day by playing in the basement and driving buses around.
By 10am, the sun broke out and the day turned warmer.
We were quickly outside and Marshall was riding his tricycle down the sidewalk and around the lake. Brady and Logan were on their new electric scooters in a flash too! (Both boys decided to spend a potion of their savings on electric scooters last weekend, and they have not regretted their decision for a moment).

We made a short trip across town to buy a bike for Marshall from a Craigslist ad, and then returned home in time to meet a couple of ladies who were purchasing items that we had posted on Craigslist (we ended up $2 ahead between what we bought and what we sold).

Next, Marshall tried out his new bike and Peter attempted to help a lady install a car seat into her car, while I packed picnic lunches out of leftover Easter salads and buns.

We took our lunch across town to one of our favorite new playgrounds, which happens to be located at the best park for blocking the wind while you eat :). We ate lunch, played on the playground, and then walked on the wooden boardwalk across the street to another park. We played again and climbed the big rock there.

Pine Knoll Park, first picnic of the season

Get ready to be dizzy!

Vermillion Grove Park, giant rock

At the top of the rock, Vermillion Grove Park
Next up, Peter grabbed some gas for the car, while I unpacked lunch, switched the laundry, and gave the big boys back their new scooters to ride. Peter and I tossed the football around some, and then he pitched the ball to Brady while I fielded it (boy, can that boy hit the ball!). Logan rode his bike to a friend's house for awhile, and Marshall took a break from the sun to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse.

Once the laundry was folded and put away, we ate dinner, and then headed out for a family walk around the neighborhood. The big boys took their scooters again and our very tired Marshall opted for a ride in the stroller this time around. We walked to another park, looked for the ducks, ran into some friends, and then came home.

To end our wonderful day off, we got into our jammies and watched an episode of The Price Is Right that we had recorded from earlier in the day.

The 2 things that I learned today were these:
1. I LOVE warm weather and sunshine.
2. I can't wait for summer days with my boys home all day!

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  1. Looks like fun! It's always awesome to be able to play hookey and enjoy the day at home! :):)