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Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Thoughts

My life is SO fun!
My days are spent hanging out with my favorite people. We learn, we cook, we watch movies, we sled, we play board games at the library, we take baths in the middle of the afternoon--it's just awesome!

I haven't blogged in awhile, even though I really do like to share, so that's why I'm here tonight.

Choosing to homeschool was the best decision we have made for our family in a long time. My boys are so happy at home, they are doing fantastic with their school work, and they are closer to each other now than they have ever been. I have found a few places to turn for the homeschool support that I need, and Brady and Logan have found time to spend with their friends, like they need. Honestly, though, they have all 3 become so close with each other, that they really aren't lacking many friends.

After returning home from Florida last month, we celebrated Halloween with our typical Halloween walk and trick or treating in our own neighborhood. Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Laura, and Uncle Jason all came down this year to join us.
Here are my skeleton, my robot, and my dinosaur all bundled up for the cold night.
We spent the next several weeks house hunting, furniture hunting, and checking out the kids play area at IKEA for the first time.

I have been working a lot. Actually, I have only had about 4 weekends completely off since September. The reason was because we are a little short of staff at work right now, and we are still learning our new ipad system for documentation. I really prefer just using a pen and some paper, but after lots of practice, I think the ipad should be good.

While most of the metro was getting dumped on with snow a couple weeks ago, we were not. Down at our house, we only saw about 2 inches. That didn't stop the boys, though. They have been out sledding on our hill and making snow brick houses almost everyday. As of yesterday, however, the snow in our yard was completely melted! But then, this morning, some new snow appeared again. It's never boring around here, that's for sure.

The boys are also keeping busy these days preparing for the Christmas program at our church. All 3 boys will be a part of the Christmas choir, and Brady even gets a special solo part, as he plays the part of a shepherd. The program is called  A Rockin' Royal Christmas and it will take place on Sunday, December 14 at 10am and again at 6:30pm. I have to work that day, so I am so grateful for the double performance!

We've put our creative side to the test a few times to make Halloween masks and Thanksgiving turkeys.

The boys have been climbing trees and baking cookies...

They have helped decorate for Christmas already as well as rode the light rail downtown to see the Christmas show.

But my favorite part of the day is watching them learn in the comfort of our own home--especially when they wear interesting hats :). Have I also mentioned that Marshall has actually started to read!?! His desire to sit at the table for busywork is lacking, but his desire to read is strong, which is so awesome!

Sometimes Logan chooses to write his spelling words on the marker board, near the Christmas tree.

Today, Brady wore his Santa hat while doing his Reading assignment.

Logan wore his stocking cap :)

And Marshall wore his "helmet", his "boots", and his "gloves" as armor. He also carried his "sword".
Brady and Logan will both be playing basketball this winter, starting next week. Brady plays on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, and Logan plays on Saturdays too. It's been wonderful having a break from sports, but I think we're all ready to jump back in now.

Maybe I'll have a chance to come back to the blog before the holidays, but if not--Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!