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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Logan has a close friend who, unfortunately, moved to Woodbury this summer.
Last night, Logan was invited to his friend Luca's birthday party, and so we allowed him to go.

I drove out to Woodbury around 8:30 to pick him up last night, and as we traveled home in the dark car, Logan had lots of questions--cute questions.
So, of course, I wanted to share :).

"Mom, did people in Minnesota speak English in the 70's?"
"Oh, so they could understand the words to Disco Inferno?"

"Is the Dollar Tree a company?"

"I sure hope a robber doesn't break into Jake's house tonight while Brady is there spending the night."
(This was not a question, but so cute, since he was concerned about his big brother)

"Is Grandma nocturnal?" "She sleeps during the day and is awake at night, right?"

"When you are 4 years old, you get man hair on your legs, but you don't become a man until you are 20."

"Mom, please don't go in the house ahead of me when we get home, ok?"
"Don't even smile when you see Daddy, ok?"
Ok, but why?
"Because then he might know that I am wearing my glow in the dark vampire teeth and I want to surprise him."

"Is it ok if I close my eyes until we get to Daddy's house?"
Daddy's house? You mean "our" house?
"Yes, but I really want to see Daddy and he's there."

That's all I have for now.
I have tons more summer fun pictures, but literally no time to post :(.

Football starts tonight for Brady and tomorrow night for Logan.
School starts for our family on Monday (yes, we are starting up on Labor Day so Daddy can join in).