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Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's been awhile...

As I sit here, listening to my oldest and youngest play outside in the snow, and waiting patiently for my middle to finally complete his school work, I decided I should catch up a bit on my blog.

Since I last posted, life has been busy. I have been struggling with some tough emotions, traveling longer than expected with my sister and best friend, and trying desperately to make time for all of the things I would like to have time for.

Baking Christmas cookies

Family Christmas 12-23


They finally solved the Rubix cube!

First time sledding this year
Dressed up in their "armor"

Sunshine in Florida
Back in November, Laura and I planned a long weekend trip to Florida, for her first ever airplane ride and first time in FL. We were able to visit Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2 big cat rescues, the ocean, and more. Then, due to a MN blizzard back home, we were "able" to stay an additional 4 days. While this was definitely not part of our plan, we made the most of our time and visited Magic Kingdom, some gifts shops and malls, and even the FL State Fair. I am so grateful for all of Peter's hard work back home with the boys while I was away. He was awesome! This trip was definitely a wonderful gift that we will cherish forever!

With our unexpected extra time, we visited Magic Kingdom.