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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The View From Here

Welcome to Spring!!
I am beyond thrilled to report that we have been playing outside lately.
Baseball have been thrown, chalk pictures have been drawn, the Cozy Coupe has moved back outside from it's winter home in the basement, and I have started running outside again.
The boys are back on their bikes and trikes and scooters, and Marshall and I are going to some garage sales tomorrow already.
It hasn't exactly been what I would call "warm" outside just yet, but being able to wear a light jacket and walk on dry ground is a wonderful start.

Our duck has returned and is now laying on her eggs most of the day. She has done such a great job of covering them this year, that it is very tough to see exactly how many she has already laid.

It is wonderful to see the backyard grass again. I am happy to report that there is NO snow anywhere in our yard (or neighborhood for that matter).

These beautiful white birds have been out on the lake all day today. The last of the ice on the lake melted a couple days ago. There was even a lady out in my backyard today taking pictures.

Marshall celebrated his 4th birthday a couple weeks ago. Among his gifts was his favorite book of all time: Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake. We just finished reading it a couple minutes ago.

And last, but certainly not least: My newly toothless Logan.
On Monday morning, I received a call from the school nurse. She told me that she had Logan in her office and that there had been an accident at recess. She went on to tell me that Logan had been hit in the mouth with a hula hoop and that one of his teeth was knocked out.
Upon hearing the news, I was not surprised, since his tooth had been quite wiggly for quite some time. But then, she told me that the other front tooth was also quite loose and bleeding.
Marshall and I went to the school to pick up Logan and then onto the dentist to make sure the first tooth had come completely out and that the second had not been fractured.
After waiting for over 2 hours, Logan left the dentist with another tooth missing. Our dentist suggested that they pull the tooth out, since it was so wiggly and since the gums around it were so inflamed. This was my first experience with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), but Logan was a champ!
The best part about the whole experience for him was missing a day and a half of school and collecting his "tooth fairy" money from Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa :).


  1. That's quite a view! :)
    We have just one little annoying patch of snow left, but thankfully the rest is gone.
    Toothless Logan is pretty darn cute.

  2. Now, that's some mad hooping! I didn't know kids can be that good! Btw, was Logan terrified when the teeth got knocked out? Or was he more terrified when he went to the dentist? If he was, perhaps his terror was abated when his "tooth fairies" gave him money. If he wasn't, perhaps he could be thinking of ways of learning awesome hula-hoop skills. Have a good day!
    Thomas DeFinnis @ WynneWoodDentalArts.com