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Friday, March 28, 2014


Peter's new job is moving forward smoothly. There is a lot of new information for him to learn, but he is a motivated worker and will be up to speed quickly.

Our spring creatures have returned: Ducks (including the one who laid eggs by our front door the past 2 years), Geese, and Robins for now.

There is a small patch of open water on our lake.

Tonight is movie night at the big boy's school and we are going to watch Frozen for the first time.

I was up before 6 this morning to watch my neighbors kids before school, and I am not napping right now even though I could be, since Marshall's zonked out.

Our yard is a wonderful mix of white and green, but getting greener by the day.

I am getting anxious to put on my running shoes and hit the pavement soon!

Logan is working on reading his first chapter book to me.

Brady went to the Como Planetarium today for a class field trip. I've never been there so I am excited to hear how it was.

Marshall has now learned to write numbers from 0-6. He is working on drawing pictures with detail, cutting with scissors, and letter sounds.

I am looking forward to the community Easter carnival in a few weeks here in Farmington. Last year I won an Easter basket with garden supplies and a gift card, and 2 years ago Brady won a bike.

I stopped using Twitter about 4 months ago after reading some hurtful comments. I am trying to decide if I think I will return to that place or if I should just delete it.

Marshall has become obsessed with the show Caillou again. I was really hoping we were over that since I can't stand most PBS shows ;).

Peter and I haven't had a date night since August.

Track and Field starts on Tuesday. Peter is coaching Brady's team again and Logan has a friend on his team. They both practice on the same nights this year, which is wonderful.

5 more weeks of BSF and just a few more than that for Wednesday night church. I am already looking forward to a summer of open schedules and lots of free time.

Marshall finally weighs 30 lbs, while Logan is almost to 50 lbs, and Brady is a handful away from 60 lbs. Soon I won't be able to pick them up anymore.
Also, soon maybe Brady will be tall enough to stop using a booster seat in the car :).

My favorite take out food of all time is Chipotle. I swear I could eat one of those bowls every week!

I love my Target RedCard and all of the money that is saves our family. I also love Aldi.

I am so thankful for family vacations and how fortunate we have been to have already taken so many. I am already thinking about our next trip, even though we've only been back a couple weeks.

Logan lost his voice last weekend and it's still not back.

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