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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Smart Boys

Marshall and I are continuing to work on his "school" sessions each day.
Since September, he has learned to recognize and write all of the letters in upper case and lower case.
Now we have moved on to letter sounds and math.
Letter sounds have definitely proven to be more tricky, but with lots of review, we have made it to letter H today.
Marshall is also learning some simple addition, letter writing, and patterns.

I am SO proud of him and all of his hard work, so I wanted to share what he wrote today.

You might say "he's not even 4 yet, so what is the rush?" or "he shouldn't have to learn this stuff yet, just let him play."
Well, both of those things are true, but public schools are teaching our kids to read earlier and earlier, and while I don't totally agree with the rush, I sure don't want my kids falling behind either.
Also, for as much as Marshall has learned in the past 6 months, we only spend about 15 minutes a day doing "school", so it's not like he isn't getting time for free play.
We have also greatly increased the amount of time we spend reading each day, since it'll be a combination of learning the letter sounds and being read to often that will help Marshall to become a great reader like his big brothers.
It was just 3 month after turning 5 years old that both Brady and Logan started kindergarten and were able to read books all by themselves, and I am so anxious for Marshall to gain those same skills.
Speaking of those 2...
We were at the big boys' conferences last night--how fun!!
We learned that Brady is currently reading at the end of the 5th grade level (he's only in 3rd grade)and his math scores are completely off the charts. I am SO proud of him and all of his hard work!
We also learned that Logan is reading above average for his grade (which is especially wonderful, since he has had a slightly harder time, due to his younger age/summer birthday).
Logan is also scoring way above average in math, and his writing skills are coming along better as well.
I am so thankful for our public schools in Farmington and for the wonderful teachers who teach my children each day. My boys love going to school, being with their friends, and learning new things. And, despite all of the rumors of public schools teaching things that are in contrast with our beliefs, well, let me just say that it isn't happening at our school, and for that I am very thankful!
Hooray for great education at a great price :).

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