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Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day with Grandpa

Last week Grandpa came down to be Brady's guest at school for the 2nd grade Valentine's Day Tea.
Brady was so excited to have Grandpa at school with him. He got to share some things he wrote about his grandpa, recite a poem, and even sing some songs.

This was Brady's letter to Grandpa:

"Dear Grandpa,

I like it when you play checkers with me. You are good at building. I like to cheer for the same team on sports. Me and you love to go camping together. I like to do hangman on paper. You're the best Grandpa ever! I like when I have a  sleepover at your house! I like to play board games with you.


After the Valentine's event, Brady got to come home from school early with Grandpa. We realized that we were all wearing matching clothes, so naturally, we took some pictures.


  1. So special! Those boys are blessed to have such a great grandpa!!!

  2. I couldn't' t agree more! Such a great picture.