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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brady vs. Logan

I've been thinking a lot lately how different my older 2 boys are in their personalities. I'm also in the midst of studying the book of Genesis and the story of Jacob and Esau.
Luckily Brady and Logan are NOT Jacob and Esau! I am so glad that Brady was not born red and hairy and that he does have a desire to follow God. I am also thankful that Brady and Logan are not two nations against each other, but two brothers, who are more often best friends than enemies.
And lastly, Peter and I are not following the example of Isaac and Rebekah, by picking favorites among our boys.

Ok, moving on now....
I just wanted to take a couple minutes to blog some of the differences and similarities between the big boys of this house.
Here we go....

Likes to play alone
Has a few close friends
Loves to write letters, books, and draw pictures
Very thoughtful
Likes to please his parents
Does not take well to correction
Likes to win
Likes to read
Likes to take charge over Logan
Requires very little sleep
Messy eater
Prefers to play inside
Long attention span

Very outgoing
Has many friends
Will play alone, but prefers to have friends or brothers play too
Would rather do anything than write, draw, or color
Very go-with-the flow attitude
Easily distracted
Easily corrected
Doesn't mind winning or losing
Requires at least 12 hours of sleep each night and could also still nap
Clean eater
Loves to play outside
Short attention span

So as you can see, there are lots of differences between my big boys' personalities.
Here are some of the similarities between them now....

Brady and Logan:
Wear almost the same size clothes
Brady weighs 51 lbs. and Logan weighs 46 lbs.
Brady is 51 inches tall and Logan is 48 inches tall.
Love to play soccer in the basement together
Can't look at each other without laughing
Both love video games
Both love board games and card games
Both love pancakes and pizza
Share a room very well
Like to help Mom in the kitchen
Like to play sports with Daddy
Track and Field
Love Sunday School, BSF, and learning about God!

I'm curious now about my littlest one. I'm not sure if Marshall will fall into one of the same lists above, or if he'll have a totally new list of qualities, different from either brother.

I could start to place his name next to different qualities listed above right now, but since he's still so young, it's hard to know.
Needless to say, both Brady and Logan take great care of their little brother, Marshall. He's been very blessed by having 2 big brothers to help him and play with him.


  1. Imagine a baby born red and hairy!! ;)
    It has been so much fun watching all three of your boys grow and develop into their own personalities. It's their differences that make them so special and unique.
    It will be so fun to see where Marshall shows up - just like one of his brothers or completely different? :):)

  2. Yes, my BSF leader yesterday described Esau as simliar to Elmo? ;).