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Friday, May 29, 2015

Operation Right Front Tooth

Well, after 3 surgeries, Brady is finally wearing the braces that will hopefully pull his right front tooth into place.
Surgery #1:
This surgery took place in July 2013. The purpose was to remove a stubborn baby tooth. In the process, it was discovered that Brady had 3 extra baby teeth up in his gum line. They were removed as well.
Surgery #2:
This surgery too place in December 2013. The purpose of this procedure was to expose the right front permanent tooth, hoping it would make it's way down and into place. It did not work.
Surgery #3:
This surgery took place in May 2015, after waiting a LONG time, hoping the tooth would come in on it's own. The purpose of this procedure was to make sure the permanent tooth was a good tooth, and if so, put a metal band around it, which would later attach to braces. The surgery went well, the tooth looked good, and the metal band was placed!
Then, just a couple days ago, Brady had his first set of braces put on. So far, he has only 5 brackets on, but in a couple of months, he'll get 4 more. The purpose of the braces will be to put gentle pressure on the right front permanent tooth, and hopefully help guide it down and into place, as it should be.
This is what my almost 10 year old looks like today.

Normal Smile with braces. 5-29-15

Goofy face, trying to show off more of the braces, so you can see how the new tooth will be pulled down.

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  1. Brings me back to my braces. He looks so cute! :)