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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold Winter Days

As you all know, school has been canceled a lot lately. So far, the boys have been off school 7 days this month (5 for cold, 1 for New Year's, and 1 for MLK day).

I LOVE it when all of my boys are at home with me, but it can be challenging to come up with fun, indoor activities to keep them all busy.

It would be too easy to just let them watch TV or play on the computer all day, plus that's just not good for them. It would also be easy to take them to an indoor park or gym, but that's too expensive.

I like to give my boys time to play together, without me. They seem to be so much more creative when I am not around :). But, I also like to be included in the fun!

So, on our days off of school this month (and on weekend days as well), this is what we've been doing....
Reading (lots of reading), play doh, playing in the snow (when it is warm enough), singing along with Go Fish constantly, playing TONS of board games (we particularly like 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Mickey Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Dwarven Miner), driving cars, doing puzzles, making crafts, and baking a cake.
We also had a chance to get a good start on Brady's school science fair project, and do some science experiments with Logan's new science kit.

We've played with Legos, finger lights, our indoor basketball hoop, and hot wheels. Brady and Logan wrote letters this week, and also put together an amusement park in the basement that they call "Wondersland". They even made tickets to get in and prices for their rides.

When the boys get worn out from all of the playing, we usually find a fun snack and sit down to watch Power Rangers, Peter Rabbit, or Mickey Mouse on TV.

It's been great having so much relaxed time with my boys, but I do agree that it is time to get back to a schedule and back to learning (with lots of play mixed in, of course).

Here are some of our "cold day" pictures:


Working on his science fair experiment.

Sledding in the backyard 1-19-14

Eating blue "ocean" cake.

Testing to see which are acids and which are bases.
 Working on Logan's science kit.

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