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Monday, March 18, 2013

Turning 3

For Marshall, turning 3 has been very eventful.
After having his big birthday bash on Saturday, where he had a Mickey Mouse cake, he got some neat new gifts.
Among his new gifts was a new big boy bed from Mommy and Daddy.
Saturday night was Marshall's first night sleeping out of his crib and in his new race car bed. He did GREAT! Just like his brothers, he stayed in his bed for the entire night and waited for Mommy to come and get him in the morning. Nap time was a success for the past 2 days as well.
I am so proud of Marshall for obeying his rules to stay in bed.

I'm "free" now.

Special Agent Oso Bear
Playing Mickey with Brady


Trying out his new bed.

First night in the car bed.


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  1. We had a blast Saturday!! I can't believe he is three!