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Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Marshall

I honestly don't remember 3 years old being such a hard birthday for me in the past. I guess it's because Marshall is the youngest, but it really hit me hard this time.
As of tomorrow, when Marshall gets his big boy bed, this will be the first time in almost 8 years since I did not have a child sleeping in a crib. Also, these past few months have been a first for not having a child in diapers in almost 8 years! That one is not so sad :).

So far we have celebrated Marshall's birthday by singing the birthday song at least 20 times! We also had a play date with 2 of Logan's friends this morning, who also happen to adore Marshall. We've eaten birthday cookies, spaghettios, grilled cheese, and lot of grapes.
It's nap time right now, but later today is Marshall's first birthday night out with Daddy. They are going to the preschool open gym at one of the elementary schools in town and then onto Marshall's favorite fast food--McDonald's (or as he has always called it--YaHee).

Tomorrow is his birthday party with family. We'll be celebrating with pizza and cake and I can hardly wait for him to see his new bed from Mommy and Daddy :).

I am so proud of Marshall. He is very affectionate and loving and he loves to do/say whatever his big brothers are doing/saying. Marshall is my little artist and he's pretty good at drawing pictures of Mickey Mouse. He knows almost all of his letters and can count up to 20 now. I just can't believe how much he has changed in the past year.

Here's the official "3 year old today" picture that we took today.


And just for fun, here are Brady and Logan's "3 year old today" pictures to compare. Strangely enough, they were wearing the same shirt.


  1. Happy Birthay Marshall! You are one sweet little boy! Was so glad to see you and get to take part on your first days of life!

  2. Happy Birthday Marshall-mallow!!! :)
    We love you very much!!!!!

    Man, that's crazy to see how much B & L have changed the last few years!!!!