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Friday, July 31, 2015


Well, it looks like another month has passed since I last blogged. Crazy how fast that happens.
I have tons of fun pictures from the past month, since we've been so busy enjoying every moment of our summer break.

For today, though, I am going to share about our new basketball court in the backyard.
This past week, we had the pleasure of having the company "Sport Court" come out and install our very own basketball court.

Here are the pictures of the progress: 

The digging started Monday morning, and the cement was laid before noon.
On Tuesday, the cement continued to fully dry and was cut.
On Wednesday, the hoop was installed and the sport court tiles were painted white.
Then, on Thursday at noon, the paint was finally dry enough for us to get out and play.

Peter has got a portable, wireless speaker so we can have music on the court, a deck box to store the basketball inside, and an easy way for us to stay hydrated with water.

What a fun way to spend time with the family.
We all LOVE it so far!!

These boards helped to protect our grass, making the only damaged area the grass right around the court.

Watching the men work from the deck while eating breakfast and playing in the sandbox.

The hoop adjusts low enough for Marshall to make it too!
The quality of this picture is not good, but I wanted to show how well our deck lights actually light up the court at night. We've been out the past 2 nights until almost 10pm.

We'd love to see you out at the court for a quick game, so just let me know if you're coming down to play.

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