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Monday, September 8, 2014

The First Week of Homeschool

Last week was our first week of homeschool. It was fabulous and we all loved it SO much better than any other school.
We learned a lot of great information together.

Brady and Logan finished up with their math review books, and they'll begin learning new information today. They had some quizzes in Reading and Language Arts on Friday, which they did wonderful on, as expected, and we even did a few science experiments in our first week.
Brady and Logan are working through the Bible class fairly independently, and we all gather for Social Studies together.

Marshall reviewed his capital letters, worked on improving his cutting/pasting skills, puzzles, and so much more.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to take while we were working.

Oh, and our favorite part so far is that we are always done with school before lunch. Our typical day has been running from 9-12/12:15, which is working out great!!

Playing basketball for Phy. Ed. on Tuesday

Brady was taking a little break between classes.

Helping Mommy get dinner made up ahead of time.

Playing soccer in the backyard for Phy. Ed. on Thursday.

Practicing kicking the ball around the cones

Working hard

Brady was reading The Brick Bible for his free reading time on Friday.

Working on our science experiment. Seeing what passes through paper.

Proof of a great start :).

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  1. I love it! So happy to hear that it's going well and so glad to see the kids thriving. :)