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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer's Over

I've been dreading the day that summer would end since the day it first began. In our house, we LOVE summer--all of us.
We love the heat and humidity, the long, sunny nights, and most importantly, the lack of planned activities, which allows for tons of family time.

If schooling my kids at home was a decision that I thought was wise, I wouldn't hesitate for one second. I would love to spend everyday at home with the 3 of them. But, that would be selfish, since I believe the best education for them does not come from me. Plus, they love their school, their friends, their teachers--they get SO much more than I could ever offer them. I know it's best, it's just sad and sometimes a little scary.

Anyways, since school is officially in swing today, I had to share my favorite end-of-summer pics from the past couple of weeks.

Peter with his team for the Ragnar Relay

Family chalk outlines (with Brady)

Picnic on a really hot day (8-26-13) at the Como Pool/Water Park

The boys at the Como Pool

Cooling off in the water at Como

Como Water Park

Marshall in his "new" (from the thrift store) life jacket.

Brady on the zip line at Como (Logan did it too!).

Marshall and Mommy waiting for the big boys.
Logan with Mudonna at the Saints game (9-2-13) 

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  1. Looks like you guys were able to pack a ton into those last few day. Fun! :)